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Please find a listing of the people and businesses who supply and create the goodies that you receive when you order from us. All the information provided on our suppliers is provided directly by them and we encourage you, if you love their products, to pop in and say hi when they are at a market or if they have a store.

99th monkey

99th Monkey

I created 99th Monkey in Melbourne in 2013 with the aim of creating food that not only tastes delicious, but is also good for your health and kind to our planet.

As a former Journalist (The Age, Global Coffee Report) living in London and training for my first (and maybe last) marathon in 2012, I became obsessed with peanut butter. When my wife Tracey and I returned to Melbourne, I decided to turn my nut butter obsession into a business. Starting out in farmers markets in 2013, 99th Monkey soon spread into stores and online. 99th Monkey can be now found in retailers right across Australia (including Coles supermarkets), and I can still be found visiting my favourite farmers markets in Melbourne, spreading the joy of simple, delicious food.

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alt dairy co

The Alternative Dairy Co.

We have one mission. Create plant-based milks that are perfected for coffee. We are driven by using what nature gave us to achieve that elusive ultimate coffee experience in a cup. From our processes to our ingredients, from farm to flat white, our alternative ethos means we are forever pushing the boundaries to craft the best non-dairy alternatives for cafés.

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Anushka Chai

Anushka Chai

The Anushka Chai home base is in the cosy mountainside town of Woodend, in Victoria's Macedon Ranges.  Our story begins with husband and wife team Remy & Bonnie in 2014.

"From the early days of Anushka, we wanted to create a chai that was easy to work with, both in the bar and at home, without sacrificing flavour or balance. Our philosophy is based on a model of constant improvement and on our journey we have learned that simply sourcing better raw ingredients is only one piece of the puzzle. Put simply, we want to make the best chai experience possible" - Remy Shpayzer, Anushka Chai Founder.

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Based in Byron Bay, AussieMite is 100% Australian owned and operated since 2001.
All of our ingredients are ethically-sourced from within Australia and from our friends in New Zealand making our spread the tastiest and healthiest on the shelf today.
AussieMite is not only silky smooth and nutrient rich. It is also vegan, gluten-free, and packaged using 100% recyclable materials.

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Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese

Berrys Creek Gourmet Cheese

Sustained quality in cheese production is the hallmark of our cheese maker, Barry Charlton. This is proudly echoed in our extensive tally of awards since 2007 when two driven cheese-lovers, Barry and his partner, Cheryl, embarked on their vision to establish an artisan cheese company. This vision was enhanced by their connection with local Mossvale Park and their proud family heritage in South Gippsland, Victoria.

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Bramble & Hedge

I started Bramble & Hedge in a small kitchen apartment in Melbourne in the Spring of 2009, after returning from Beirut in Lebanon where I worked as a private chef. I was inspired by a visit to their Al-Hamidiyah souk in Damascus, Syria where I witnessed the ancient art of confectionery making. We use exceptional ingredients - a celebration of some of the world’s finest artisans- to handcraft delicious ‘works of art’ here in Melbourne. Enjoy! Hayley Crompton- Owner

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Calendar Cheese Company

We are the leading distributor of Australian and International specialty cheese, servicing premium retailers, restaurants & airlines, across Australia.

We offer an extensive selection of quality cheeses sourced from the best dairies & affineurs from around the world. Building a network of relationships we are able to offer exclusive, limited & competitive ranging.

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Our company is an Australian owned family business. It was founded by Peter over a decade ago, who spent several years after university working overseas, only to return to Australia with a renewed appreciation of our beautiful country.

Shaped by this experience, Peter became passionate about ensuring Australians have access to world class products, which make it easier for everyone to live more sustainably, and so protect our unique country.

So, after a few years of research, many prototypes, and even more sleepless nights for his entire growing family, the Compost-A-Pak® brand was born.

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curry favour

Curry Favour

Hey! I’m Bridget Francis – a Melbourne girl who is obsessed with making fresh curry pastes and eating south-east Asian food.  I’ve worked in restaurants for the past eight years honing in on cooking techniques and skill while learning how to understand the balance of flavours; acid, salt, heat and sweetness.

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daniels donuts

Daniel's Donuts

Eat, Sleep, Daniel’s, Repeat

Daniel’s Donuts has become the number one destination for anyone looking for donuts, pies, coffee, shakes and more.

With so many different donut flavours to choose from, we have a little something for everyone including Vegan and Gluten Free options.

This feeling that thousands of people experience each week all around Melbourne is what we like to call the Daniel’s vibe and comes from our strong passion and dedication to what we do and for the people we do it for.

Just be warned though, once you have that first bite, you’ll be hooked!

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Dench Bakers

Dench Bakers have been baking natural, artisan-style bread since 2005, when we started supplying the hospitality industry and public from our shop located in Fitzroy North.

From our bakehouse in Abbotsford, we now supply many cafes, restaurants and independent grocers with quality handmade organic sourdough, specialty breads, pastries and cakes.

Owners John and Tony Dench, a father and son team, actively take a role in the business bringing a wealth of skill, experience and passion.

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Emelia has always had a love of food, a love of quality ingredients and a love of condiments. Fed up with trying to find tasty, natural sauces for her family she started to experiment with her favourite ingredients in the family kitchen 30 years ago, little did she know what journey was about to follow from those early years cooking for her family.

Emelia’s The Saucy Australian was born from a small kitchen in Macedon Ranges over 20 years ago and has now become a well known household name that still runs it’s family owned business in Kyneton, Victoria. The range has grown to more then 40 products but still holds onto the tradition and recipes that started it all.

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flexible foods

Flexible Foods

Flexible Foods is an Australian company born and bred out of a desire to make plant-based fun, nutritious and accessible. We believe Flexitarians are the way of the future in order to ensure the health of both humans and the planet. This is why our innovative “plant-based, meat replaced” alternatives are designed to satisfy all walks of life.

Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, a part-time meat-eater or meat-free mondayer’, Flexible Foods does not discriminate. We’re here to provide a plant-based party in your mouth one meat-free substitute at a time.

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green & kind

Green + Kind

At Green + Kind we are very passionate about our beautiful planet and minimising the impact we have on our environment.

We believe there are amazing alternatives that we can use everyday that help our planet, don’t harm us and are a little bit different; we don’t need to compromise on style after all.

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green eggs

Green Eggs

Green Eggs is a family owned and operated free range egg producer, located in the Grampians region of Western Victoria. Green Eggs is a product of Jaskro Park run by the Warner family.

The Warner Family are 4th and 5th generation farmers and with an eye to a sustainable future and tradition of providing quality produce, bought the Great Western farm to expand their enterprise. The Warner’s are striving to deliver fresh and quality produce to Victoria.

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Greencane Paper

In 2009, when Geoff and Helen Arden launched Greencane Paper, it was never as much about starting a business as it was about asking why so much valuable timber was going into low-value products like toilet paper and paper towels. “It’s wrong that we grow trees for 20 to 30 years to end up as toilet paper, when there is a sustainable alternative,” says Geoff.

“As founders, we are immensely proud that Greencane now sells in over six countries and has thousands of supporters every day. Looking back over the past few years, we know this would not have been possible without the dedication of our team, the support shown by Greencane stockists and, of course, our wonderful customers, who make a positive impact on our planet with every purchase.” 

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koala eco

Koala Eco

At KOALA ECO, we make affordable cleaning products that are safe for your family and kind to the environment. We’re based in Australia: a botanical treasure trove with an extraordinary range of native plants celebrated for their cleansing and therapeutic properties.

KOALA ECO, established in 2017, is a family business, owned and run by husband and wife team Jessica Bragdon and Paul Davidson. Entrepreneur Jessica hails originally from the USA, and still has many close family ties in the States, while chartered accountant Paul grew up in rural Western Australia. The couple met while in graduate school and working in New York, and currently live in a leafy suburb of Sydney, with their two young sons a new puppy, a fish and a cat.

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marisa's kitchen

Marisa's Kitchen

“A warm kitchen brings the family together” Marisa Cardamone

Marisa’s lifelong passion for food began as a child, being surrounded by the finest imported and local produce at her family’s Providore, and in her family home full of authentic Italian cooking.

By adding her own personal touch to traditional Italian recipes and using only the freshest produce and best ingredients, she has created a unique selection of gourmet products and meals acclaimed by fine food lovers everywhere.

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meredith dairy

Meredith Dairy

We grew up on farms and always wanted to be farmers, turning over the soil, growing food and raising animals. Sandy trained as a vet and I was working as an intensive care nurse. We took the plunge and left our jobs to work as full time farmers in Meredith. In 1991, Meredith Dairy was born.

Our love of the land and country life ensures Meredith Dairy has a positive impact on our natural world and the local community. The land provides for us, so we need to protect and improve it for future generations.

Today, our vision is for our farm to contribute to a sustainable world.

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Milawa Cheese

Milawa Cheese Co.

David and Anne Brown founded Milawa Cheese Company in the historic Milawa Butter Factory in 1988. Thirty-plus years on and the company still produces delicious farmhouse cheeses inspired by European methods from locally sourced cow and goats' milk.

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mount zero olives

Mount Zero Olives

Mount Zero Olives is a family owned olive grove three hours west of Melbourne on the northern edge of the Grampians National Park in Victoria, Australia. Commitment to flavour, sustainable farming and a passion for quality ingredients defines Mount Zero and all that we gather.

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We're a 100% not-for-gloss social enterprise that's serious about erasing poverty and empowering lives in some of the world's poorest remote coastal communities. Everything we do is about the people and the lives that we are changing.

We give 100% of the profits from the sale of every Niulife product back to the villages that make our oil. We also ensure that all our ingredients are 100% certified organic and sourced from ethical, family-owned producers that give back to their local communities.

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My family history begins before 1825. At that time my great-grandfather was baking homemade bread for himself and his neighbours. His bread was in such demand that he decided to start what would become his legacy.
In starting the first boulangerie, every generation has continued the tradition; uncles and cousins, males and females have chosen to become bakers or pastry chefs.
I think of what my family has created, in respect of traditional bread. At no time has what I am doing been an obligation, it was simply love for the earth – the simple elements that combined, infuse you with those flavours.
Now I have the privilege to write another page in our history, and to share my family’s passion with all of you.
- David, 5th generation

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Oborne health supplies

Oborne Health Supplies

Oborne Health Supplies is a family owned and operated business, well known in the natural health care industry for our long history of excellence in service and for our integrity to relationships with suppliers and customers. Since opening in 1990, Oborne Health Supplies has followed a consistent corporate mission - to provide health professionals with fast, efficient and economic access to safe, high quality natural, traditional and complementary medicines, and to provide ongoing professional education and technical support.

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organic times

Organic Times

When you think Organic Times, think certified organic and delicious!

Organic Times is an ethically driven, food loving, Australian-owned family business based in Melbourne, Victoria, in operation since 1999.  We provide an extensive selection of only the best certified organic products available including:

  • Fair trade couverture chocolate
  • Artisan cookies
  • Feel good confectionary
  • Ethically sourced pantry staples
  • Grass-fed butter, ghee and milk powder

Being certified organic means all our products are grown and produced without using synthetic chemicals (such as pesticides and artificial fertilisers), no GMOS, no exposure to irradiation and where animal welfare and environmental sustainability are also priorities.

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planet organic

Planet Organic

Planet Organic products are certified organic and grown as nature intended, with no synthetic chemicals, fertilisers or GMO’s.

Our products are grown in plantations where topsoil is nurtured naturally by composting not chemicals. This reduces soil erosion and keeps land fertile. Organic farming practices stop chemical contamination to our waterways and promotes a healthy, diverse ecosystem for animal and plant life.

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pud for all seasons

Pud For All Seasons

The story of Pud For All Seasons, Melbourne’s home to handmade gourmet puddings, goes all the way back to the early 2000’s, a time in which stay-at-home mum Karen Kelly was discovering that she had a knack or cooking up some amazing Plum Puddings. Upon encouragement from friends and family, Karen decided to start selling them at various markets and fairs, some of which she attended while also looking after her children, who were very young at the time.

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real good

Real Good Food Group

The Real Good Food Group is a place several brands like to call home.

In 2010 we welcomed The Gluten Free Food Co with a range of 8 premium gluten free bake mixes and flour blends. All the Gluten Free Food Co products are pretty ground breaking as they are created using whole flours and seed meals, no nut meal, organic ingredients and are totally plant based.

A few years later, the range expanded to include 3 best-selling Protein Patty mixes, the first of their kind to market in Australia.  Based on top quality Australian lupin, they are high protein, low carb, just add water, insanely versatile mixes. Gluten-free- whole-food-plant-based GFWFPB became our pillar and everything since has grown around this.

In 2017 we released a fun little product called Vegan Mac n Cheez – GFWFPB and only 7 natural, quality ingredients. Great macros, Eye catching packaging, and the crowd went WILD! Within a week the orders went from 600 units to 10,000 units. People are mad for HEALTHY convenient plant based foods. It was the start of something big.

Soon, we welcomed another brand to Real Good Food Group – Plantasy Foods. The Mac n Cheez and the Protein Patty joined Plantasy in its quest to champion nutritious, delicious, gluten free plant based convenience foods. Plantasy Foods now has 18 products in the range and loads more on the horizon. Because if we’re going to enjoy all the goodness a plant based diet has to offer, we’re sure as heck not filling up with rubbish ingredients, mock foods and mystery meats!

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salt kitchen

Salt Kitchen Charcuterie

Established in 2014 by experienced chef Mick Nunn, Salt Kitchen Charcuterie is the product of an obsession with European food and tradition.  A proud Western Victorian Mick set out to create a business doing the thing he loved most in his kitchens, making charcuterie by hand.

Bringing our heritage and passion together and with the support of our family Salt Kitchen Charcuterie was open for business in Ballarat. We have a commitment to the producers of Western Victoria and want to use the produce that is right on our doorstep.

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san elk

San Elk

San Elk is a small food manufacturing family business based in West Footscray, Melbourne. We specialise in producing premium quality handcrafted certified organic food products.

We’ve always had a special connection with food and family, as it brings us together. Our European heritage has been very influential in our love of food, allowing us to experiment and create various meals and recipes to share with our family and friends.

We are passionate about cooking healthy and nutritious meals for our family and are conscious of the hidden chemicals in food products. As a result we wanted to create all natural stock made with fresh certified organic ingredients.

We are proud to support local farmers and producers and pride ourselves in providing premium products that offer best value to our customers.

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Sungold logo

Sungold Milk

SUNGOLD MILK is a fresh milk brand of Saputo Dairy Australia, the largest dairy processor in Australia.

Our SUNGOLD plant is located on the Great Ocean Road in Allansford, near Warrnambool, Victoria and commenced supplying fresh full cream milk to households in regional Victoria under the Sungold Milk brand in 1956.

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T2 Tea

Born and brewed in Melbourne, Australia, at T2 Tea we have taken the traditional art of tea, turned it on its head and taken it to the world. We love to create brews that take you on a journey, travelling near and far to source the best teas from all over the planet.

Sip by sip, we're building a generation of tea lovers on every continent – a brewing force for good coming together over the humble cuppa to celebrate our difference to make a difference.

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That's amore cheese

That's Amore Cheese

In 2004 Giorgio Linguanti arrived on the shores of Port Phillip Bay. In only four years, this young Sicilian went from not speaking a word of English to opening his own cheese company, winning an award at the Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards and since then he has won numerous awards.

In 2008, after experience in two different cheese factories, Giorgio started his own business, That’s Amore Cheese. He began with just one product, Bocconcini Leaf, which was a huge hit with the Italian Restaurants in Melbourne. Soon after he began making Burrata and Smoked Scarmorza. Chefs admired his artisan skills in handmade cheeses and were very excited by his products.

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tom organic

TOM Organic & tooshies by TOM

Aimee Marks came up with the idea for organic cotton tampons and pads while working on a high school project: ‘how do I solve the problem of tampons falling out in my handbag?’

But it quickly evolved into something far deeper as she discovered the pesticides and synthetic ingredients used in traditional tampons and pads. In 2009, TOM Organic was launched, giving Australian women access to pure and reliable organic tampons and pads.

The tooshies baby range was birthed soon after Aimee herself became a mum to twins Poppy and Ivy. This was her comeback-from-maternity-leave project. Australia uses a staggering 5.6 million nappies every day (x10 the number of wipes), and this was a grocery aisle that screamed for due attention. Aimee’s use of 10,000 nappies in her twins’ first 18 months and meetings with her mother’s groups lead to the creation of our range of eco nappies and wipes that exist to ensure optimum performance without compromise on the environment.

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True Protein

True Protein was born out of a determination to transform the way people think and feel about protein.

True is unafraid to cut through the noise of an oversaturated market and break the mould to deliver authentic, all-natural products with genuine health benefits and none of the fake stuff. We bucked the trend for expensive, over-hyped, bad-tasting protein powders packed with false promises to reinvent the marketplace and create a 100% natural, delicious, quality protein with no gimmicks, nothing artificial and a completely transparent ingredient list.

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ulu hye

Ulu Hye

Ulu Hye offers a sustainable yet healthy solution to plant-based milk offerings. One small jar makes 10 litres of homemade mylk.

The Mylk Bases come in a recyclable, reusable glass jar and when added to water and blended, they create up to 10 litres of fresh, creamy milk. It’s essentially “milk in a jar”, allowing you to create delicious, homemade milk in 60 seconds right from the comfort of your own home.
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wide open road

Wide Open Road Coffee Roasters

Way back in 2009 we had the wild idea to start roasting our own coffee. Starting out on a 6kg Giesen roaster we experimented, cupped, played, cupped some more and after a year of messing around we came out with our first blend, Bathysphere was born. 

We’re now supplying freshly roasted coffee to folk all over Australia and the world.

Moving forward our focus is to continue to provide our people with great products but also to move our industry towards a sustainable future. This is not a simple task but a series of decisions that will take time but is absolutely necessary for a healthy future.

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Woombye Handcrafted Cheese

Creating beautiful cheese is our passion. Originally founded by Graeme and Karen Paynter in 2013, our range has grown to include Camembert, Triple Cream Brie, Blackall Gold Washed Rind, Ash Brie, Vintage Cheddar and of course our flagship cheese Truffle Triple Cream Brie.

At Woombye Cheese Company we are passionate about cheese and the Sunshine Coast hinterland is the perfect place to make cheese, with its panoramic vistas of rolling green hills, creeks and bushland. This lush setting makes for happy cows; and happy cows produce the purest milk. All our milk comes from small local farms and is collected daily by our local milk supplier, pasteurised and then delivered to our factory in Woombye fresh every day. We create and produce all our cheese by hand, using traditional methods with care and experience.

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If you are a business or supplier who wishes to sell their products via our online store, please get in contact with us via email, suppliers@timelessgroceries.com.au.

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