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Why Timeless Groceries?

About UsStraight from the Timeless Groceries founder, Luke Friedrich:

My family grew up in rural Victoria and we loved going to the local markets on weekends to see what's new and what the local community farmers and members have produced.

I started cooking when I was 14 years old, after school I got off the bus and went straight to work. I was paid $20 an hour to make gourmet pizzas in a little Italian restaurant - it was hot work, with no real ventilation or cooling with the pizza oven going but I loved it.

As I got older, I tried a range of different jobs - stone masonry, carpentry, plumbing and farm hand - I ended up leaving school in year 11 and joining the Defence Force.

After the Defence Force I came home with the mindset to join the police force. However I never did submit an application and I ended up working in a local restaurant full time from 7am to 11pm, 6 and 7 days a week - legal or not, back then that was hospitality!

Despite the long days, I loved what I did every single day and I loved the people I worked with. I looked forward to going to work every single day. After cooking unofficially for 7 years, I started my cooking apprenticeship but half way through my first year I was offered a sous chef position, then head chef, and that was that! I'd found my calling.

Timeless Catering is born!

The time came when I didn’t want to work for anyone else and working split shifts 6-7 days a week takes its toll, so I started Central Victoria Catering (renamed Timeless Catering), with our point of difference being about customer service, fair pricing and good quality hand made food.

At Timeless Catering we used local suppliers where possible - not only was it good for the community and small business but the food just tastes better!

The COVID pivot to Timeless Groceries

Business was going well but then came COVID-19. We had outlayed a lot of personal capital to start Timeless Catering, and we needed to do something quickly or we would have gone under completely - hence we created Timeless Groceries. We've kept the core principles of catering, customer service is priority, use local small suppliers, fair pricing but have been able to keep helping our supplier partners by making a range of goods available in one place with Timeless Groceries.

Our premise is simple - times have changed, our lives are busier, but we understand that as much as we love going to the local market to support our community, some of us just can't get there on weekends.

In case you can’t get to the local markets or would like the convenience of having the market at your fingertips and door, please shop with us at Timeless Groceries, an online store made up of small Australian businesses with delivery to your home.

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